Kelly Tivey Interior Design
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For those who may be interested in full service interior design or our construction concierge service. This location visit is the first step to discovery of your goals and conceptualizing a vision for the space. This is also a time to ask us about the process and how pricing works. By the end of this visit, you will know the steps needed for your project. This visit usually lasts between 1-2 hours. Investment: starts at $500, depending on location.


For those who are looking for a complete design or redesign of their space. While every project is different, this service typically includes floor planning, material selections, furniture selections, finishes, architectural elevations, selection of lighting, flooring, and even accessories. In other words, everything needed to take your space from start to finish. Investment based on scope of work.


For those who need direction for their new construction or remodel. We will guide you through all the decisions relating to the architectural changes to your space, which may include electrical and lighting changes, removing or relocating walls, resizing windows, and reconfiguring cabinetry. Depending on your project, deliverables may include floor plans, elevations, and 3-dimensional renderings that you can use to communicate with your contractor. Pricing based on scope of work.

Contemporary living room with floor mattress and figurine


This is a flexible service that’s perfect for a variety of small design projects. I’ll come to your home and work with you on your particular design needs. Here are some ways I can help:

  • Planning a particular area in your home

  • Choosing paint colors

  • Selecting and arranging furniture

  • Styling and accessorizing your space

After the day(s), you will receive a typed action plan, which you can use to execute the procurement and installation on your own budget and your own timeline if you wish. Or, you can hire us to execute it for you. Investment: $1500/day


We believe a home environment can set the foundation for the people we want to be in the world. It can help us let go of old habits and attract new opportunities. Our homes should also be a haven for friends and family, a comfort zone after a busy day at work, and our retreat from the world. 

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How long does the process take?

Timeline varies depending on the scope of the project.  If construction is involved it can take anywhere between 6 weeks and 6 months.  If it's merely specifying products, colors, and finishes, the process can take about 4 weeks.  

What areas do you serve?

San Francisco East Bay, including the following areas: Pleasanton, Danville, Walnut Creek, Livermore, Lafayette, and Tahoe.

What’s your style?

My personal style could be called eclectic, but the design you see in my portfolio is a direct reflection of my clients' lifestyle goals. My job is to ask the right questions to uncover how you want your space to look, feel, and function.

Are you willing to do just one room?

Yes, we are. In fact, this is a great way to begin working with us.

Are you able to incorporate existing pieces?

Absolutely. Many of my projects include pieces from our clients collections that are valuable or sentimental to them in some way.

How do you price your work?

Investment is based on the scope of work. After our initial consultation we will be able to identify what's needed to accomplish your goals and assess the time it will take for me to complete our project. Based on these hours and the nature of the work, we will be able to accurately give you a quote for the design fee portion of the project total cost right upfront. No surprise bills! The other portion of the cost is the budget for materials, furnishings, and contractors.