I, Kelly, will meet with you in your home or business to discuss your design needs. This will give me the opportunity to better understand your space and lifestyle, and I will help you clarify a basic strategy for your space. This will also give you an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about the process. During this meeting we will also discuss approximate time frames for your project so that a working schedule can be established. Fee for initial consultation starts at $500, depending on location.


I will prepare a letter of agreement as well as a project schedule for your review and approval. The letter of agreement identifies the scope and goals of the project as well as the design fee needed to execute the project from start to finish. A deposit towards the design fee will be due so that design services can begin at this time.


This begins the project. Together, we will further identify your needs and goals. I will survey your space through site measurements, photographs, and the use of existing floor plans, and we’ll discuss existing furnishing to be used in the space. At the end of this step, we’ll have a preliminary budget for the furnishings, fixtures,  deliverables, and the selection of consultants/contractors can begin.


I will present a preliminary design concept regarding the form, function, and general layout of the space, which may include drawings, sketches, color samples, and photographs. In the case of a new construction project, this may include reviews of blueprints prior to building in order to review the placement of walls, doors, windows, electrical, lighting, etc to ensure they make sense for your lifestyle and ideal furniture placement.


This is the meat of the work. It's when the bulk of the hundreds of project decisions are made regarding materials, finishes, textures, trim, layout, paint, proportions, and lighting in order to combine form and function to create the desired design impact. In this phase, the style and character of the space is established. This involves me visiting vendors and sources, building and organizing quotes, then presenting solutions for your review. Throughout this stage, we meet to approve these solutions and the project cost is finalized.


This is where physical stuff starts happening. I will coordinate with contractors, workrooms, and vendors to execute any custom work needed such as custom upholstery, cabinetry, window treatments, tile work, electrical wiring, flooring, etc.


I will manage the ordering, product tracking, communications with manufacturers and reps, and handle any reselects as necessary.  You will receive a purchasing agreement for approval, signature and payment.  


I work with professional receivers and delivery companies who receive and safely store furnishings directly from manufacturers and freight companies. All merchandise received is inspected at time of receipt for quality, and photographed for documentation.


The White Glove service offered by my delivery professionals means that you won't have to lift a finger. They will place things according to our design plans and dispose of all packing materials. I will be there to ensure that every item is placed exactly in the right location, down to the correct angle.   


We will go through each area and discuss any questions you may have. This is also a moment to enjoy the fruits of our collaboration together!