How to Think Like an Interior Designer

Not everyone can be an interior designer, but with the right tools and foresight, anyone can successfully re-decorate their home. Successful interior designers have spent years educating themselves on the art of balance, color, proportion, harmony and technical skills involved with getting a design right.

The first step to designing like an interior decorator, is to think like one…

Image found on Pinterest

Image found on Pinterest

Know Yourself

The first step any good designer takes, is getting to know you! Chances are, you know what you like and don’t like, but it’s not that simple. Take a deeper look into what inspires you, how you use your space, and how you would like to use your space.

Plan Your Project

 Prioritize, budget and plan. You can wait on details like color, style and fabric – the real work is in measuring, sketching, and planning how the space will be best used. Next, you need to plan your budget. Make sure the number is not only realistic, but leaves wiggle room for trial and error. Define your boundaries and know your limitations!

Find Your Vibe

Image by Lynelle Less of Abode Designs

Image by Lynelle Less of Abode Designs

 It’s important to explore your comfort zone – test your on limits and introduce designs that you may never have before considered. If you want your home to look like it was created by a designer, make sure to avoid the out-of-the-box look. The perfect solution is to create an inspiration board! Not only are they fun, but designers actually create these – and for good reason. When in doubt, refer to the board.

Build your Room

 Things like shopping for paint and choosing furniture can be surprisingly overwhelming. My tip is to choose a color that flows with the style of your home, while still defining the individual room. Always test your paint, and try to choose furniture based on measurements of the room, vibe and functionality.

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This is the fun part! Just make sure to keep this part for last. Design visions usually evolve and pivot throughout the process, so an item you choose in the beginning might not make sense for long. Plus, too many accessories will make a room look cluttered.


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Stay Inspired.

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